If you’re from Portland or if you’ve ever visited, you’ll know that we are known for two main things in the past 2 years-no it’s not the rain, it’s our bold individuality and food. Paired together these two make a beautiful match. …

A Case Study of a Smart Speaker and IoT tech with a responsive and rad voice assistant.

Right now is a transitional point for the United States government and people to acknowledge and educate themselves on the racist and colonialist history that has been prevalent in not only our own founding, but most of the world.

Decolonize Poster by Vic de Aranzeta

As a formally educated socio-cultural anthropologist, I know from first hand…

Life during Covid-19 has forced us all to adapt in some way and it will undoubtedly leave its mark on many generations to come, affecting how we interact with others as well as our approach to food and our handling of finances. …

Victoria de Aranzeta

Cultural Anthropologist, Art Director, Copywriter

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